LuxTTO Pioneer of Luxurious
Tour tokenomics

Days only travelers are spending is GONE!
Enjoy travel true luxurious attractions,
Win Lotto for free luxury tour and high amount travel expense by coin!
True travel tokenomics building together with global participants!


LuxTTO is a travel ecosystems and platform targeting to be dominant in highly luxurious travel
market to explode after COVID19 Nobody wants travel you only spend and suffer.

You can travel luxurious places as usual and win lotto for free luxurious tour
and high amount travel expense based on your contributions.

It is time to shift to true luxurious tour, not only you spending, but earning from contributions
by various ecosystems participants and high liquidity provided by coin investors.


LuxTTO Blockchain

ERC20 Technologies have fully enabled a
true transparent and most luxurious tour at LuxTTO

Random and contribution weighted shuffling enables every
participant to win lotto of free luxurious tour and
high amount travel expense transparently and fairly

Now, just hit the road ony.
You can win lotto high chance as you travel

LuxTTO True
Luxurious Experience

Attractions grading

Providing information of luxurious
tour attractions with a transparency by ERC20 technolgoies. Enabling everyone share grading,
stories and info of luxurious attractions irrevocable way

Beneficial to
Every participant

Enabling Tour products providers introduce
items global market Enbaling travel guide to have
his voice heard and win high amount tip Enabling
travelers to best enjoy the tour and win true luxurious travel package and high amount travel expense

Transparency base
Global luxury tour tokenomics

Every process is transparently shared and verified
by blockchain tech, Winning lotto by liquidity acquired
from liquidity by coin investment entities and
profit gained by selling coins True luxurious
tokenomics everyone builds together, LuxTTO

LuxTTO Coin

LuxTTO aims to be come a true global luxurious tour
tokenomics realizing through ERC20 base consensus nodes
Total Issuance 200,000,000

circle img

Token Sale 20%

Travel vouchers and expenses reserve 40%

Marketing 10%

Partnership 10%

Legal Advisory 10%

Team 10%

LuxTTO Roadmap

2021 Q1


2021 Q2

Sign off
travel package

2021 Q3

white paper

2022 Q1

Design of random
and contribution weighted consensus

2022 Q2

Listing at top tier global exchanges MOU with luxury tour products provider

2022 Q3

Expansion of
for free luxury tour

2022 Q4

ecosystems participants

2023 Q1

1st phase
rebuilding platform
and app solutions

2023 Q2

Spin off
for development of under tier market

2023 Q3

Launching of platform targeting under
tier market

2023 Q4

Hyper luxury tour product
intro including
space tour

Luxtto business
promotional page

time frame Business Item Feature Description
Q4 2022 Additional listing at global high tier exchanges Securing additional liquidity through additional listing and increasing coin value Securing additional global users through additional listing on top international exchanges, raising awareness, and increasing coin value
Q4 2022 Worldcup VIP blockchain tour package Expanding business awareness by adding Qatar World Cup products Qatar World Cup semi-final, final ticket, five-star hotel accommodations for 15 days, gourmet course, desert tour, etc. (selection of 2 people by blockchin lottery)
Q4 2022 full scale promotion of luxtto free VIP tour products) Promotes Free VIP Travel Products for white paper listed 5 regions to the Global NFT Exchanges Prior to the launch of the product, promoting business at global NFT exchangrs used bytens of millions of people as Rarible, supperrare

Luxtto - free luxury tour coupon


Luxtto - free luxury tour coupon


Luxtto - free luxury tour coupon


Luxtto - free luxury tour coupon


Luxtto - free luxury tour coupon


Luxtto - free luxury tour coupon


Luxtto - free luxury tour coupon